Why the Book

We can bury our heads in the sand pretending we will be ok or we can sober up to realize that the way we are going has to change to survive. This book is about the incentive required to change the course of your personal future to a good heading.

40 years of cold war was not capable of removing the Berlin Wall but it suddenly came down because of knowledge from the media. The people in east Germany finally got to see on television the life difference between the east and the west and wanted what the west had.

In the same way Common Sense Knowledge that has nearly died from bad media intoxication, can be restored. We just need to sober up to true knowledge of what derailed us in the first place.

Our revealed nature in crisis situations show, we would live in perpetual good and loving ways towards one another and nature if we weren’t also affected by a current negative spiritual influence. The soon to end lease on the earth by the fallen angel, Lucifer who has been negatively intoxicating man’s society is now being exposed more than ever. This exposure will eradicate evil like it did the Berlin wall. That’s the reason this book was written.
Exposure equates Knowledge.

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