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It has become common practice to exploit people in business
and intimate relationships. A person has a minor problem with their car, the
repair shop charges $1000’s for things not required or done. A doctor orders
useless expensive drugs and operations that he gets kick-backs on. A realtor
knows an inspector who will pass anything to make a sale.  Appliance manufacturers intentionally design
flimsy control panels in dishwashers and stoves to breakdown shortly after the
warranty is up, providing no replacement parts at reasonable costs, forcing you
to replace it. Some Printer manufacturers charge exorbitant prices for almost
empty ink cartridges.

Someone gets married with the intention of divorcing for a
big settlement. Your lawyer sells you down the drain for a bribe from the party
you are seeking justice against. We’ve all witnessed/experienced it. No ethical
love, just greed. It has become the shameless norm in today’s society. No
wonder kids are becoming enterprisers in gang crimes.

What has prompted this widely exercised corruption? Corruption,
that if you speak out against it, will get you fired. How far has the embraced
evolutionary concept, “Survival of the fittest,” equated to our desensitized
society in business and family relationships?

Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude can help you
find and show others a logical meaningful life. 

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