Why the Book

Many people have no idea what to think of concepts like faith, beliefs of religious orientation, the idea of a God or Evolution. I’ve found the same people weather they admit it or not are stressed about their future since they have suppressed concerns about life as is known.
There are undisputable True Facts of Science and Nature that have nothing to do with theories that this book explores along with simplified complex historical records that harmonise flawlessly with the facts found in science and nature. Getting to know these facts replaces anxieties with peace.
For example; This is one observed manor of people that we hear about frequently on the news. People’s revealed heroic nature in crisis situations show, we would live in perpetual good and loving ways towards one another and nature if we weren’t influenced by negative spiritual propaganda affecting us during times when a crisis is not at hand.
A compelling example would be about the story my grandmother told us of what happened when she was a child in Oklahoma in the late 1800’s. A tornado devastated her town. A make shift hospital was swiftly set up and the injured brought in. The next day after the emergency situation started transforming to ongoing normalized care. People started realizing, “My God, we got everybody mixed up.” They promptly made it their immediate priority to separated the black patients from the white ones. It was a discriminatory thought that never dawned on them during the onset of the crisis when their un-bias natural instincts guided them. (LOVE)
This is just the tip of the iceberg of what my book reveilles.

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