Table of Contents

• What is Sex?   Pg.  1  •
This chapter sets a rational reasoning mood that will be expressed throughout the rest of the book.
- In the latter stages of development, when the embryo starts to take on the
look of a baby, it is called a fetus. However, from the time of
inception/pregnancy, it is a live human that…..

• What Science Knows About Where We Came From   Pg 15 •
Presents undisputable facts against popular nonsense some prefer to base judgements / opinions on.
- Could such a marvellously sophisticated mechanism have evolved haphazardly
over millions of years, or was a designer required? And if a designer made the
bombardier beetle, it’s entirely possible he also made the dragon Leviathan,
Therefore, for there to be any trace of it left, it had to form into a crystallized state in less than 164 millionths of a second. In other words, it came into existence instantaneously, the way…..

•  How Lies Affect Our Sexuality   Pg 31 •
Reveals the destructive power of make-believe that most consider harmless.
-The next day I got called into the office to get the strap for... About six
months later...they provided false evidence for us to find, so we would

• Why is Sex Considered Dirty?   Pg.  65 •
Scrutinizes the origin of this dogma.
-Making demeaning jokes is the first step to building up a negative mental
attitude to…
If you are in the habit of cussing and swearing, stop it dead now.If this means
you have to learn a new vocabulary, do it.

• Toiletry and Hygeine  Pg.  69 •
Many doctors claim 70% of their business is from poor hygiene habits.
Therefore, the solutions are discussed..
- Another reason you should want to protect your skin’s natural oil is that it
gives off the stimulating sexual scent of your...After the years I spent
working as an ambulance attendant, I learned that...There is nothing sexually
attractive about consuming garbage and smelling like it, and there is nothing
sexually attractive about being too...

• Moral Values and Respect  Pg.  89 •
Become aware of what’s required to improve our Moral Values...
- He provided a sick, degenerate reason that stunned me with dismay: He said he
wanted to experience raping women and children like some of the men he knew
bragged about.

From the way he talked, he clearly thought that I, being a man, should understand that this was a reasonable normal way for men to.

• The Origin of Good and Evil    Pg. 105 •
Take a journey back in history to investigate the real first cause of good and evil..
- The good little voice sits on one shoulder, politely giving you good advice
to consider; the bad little voice sits on your other shoulder, trying to entice
you to….When people have gone far enough wrong, giving them good advice is like
talking to a brick wall…

• Don't Let Insanity Rule You   Pg. 117 •
A wake-up call to what mentality equates to insanity and how to avoid the pitfalls of it.
- There were days when you could smell marijuana smoke in the corridors from
all the pot being smoked in the cafeteria by students skipping classes. Was the
drug-indulgence the result of the madness...I was confused as to who was who.
When I watched people who called themselves peace-loving hippies cheering at the
slaughter of women and children in a movie house, it left me dumfounded. That
was the final blow. How madly insane had we become? Or had man always been this
way? ? ? Discipline should start in the high-chair, not the electric chair.

• To Be Ladies and Gentlemen    Pg. 165  •
What’s required to polish your demeanor?
-If a leader sets a good example by the way he acts, then his followers will
also set a good example to those under them. And if a leader sets a bad example
by the way he acts, then his followers will, too... He was in the business of
killing because of the way he was raised. Then, when he learned he was wrong,
he changed to being...

• Really Making Love Pg.  173 •
Discover the perpetual fountain pure love generates.
-These essential characteristics are all easy to understand. No degree in
philosophy is required to become skilled in them. All that’s required is….

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