Self Help Wake Up

Why the Book

This book’s is a self-help wakeup call to using Good Common Sense that social media has eroded out of society. Often, before conversations are stated at any meeting we’ve heard, “It’s Ok to discus anything except politics and religion.” People consider those topics, taboo. Therefore, people talk about the weather, sports and entertainment. Anything to do with rational reasoning or morality issues are avoided. We are expected to stick our head in a hole and pretend all is ok rationally.

Meanwhile, Gang Violence, Divorces and Business Corruption of every nature has spun out of control.  They have become epidemics world wide, resulting in people feeling totally hopeless. I grew up in an era where everything was welcome to be discussed, especially if it had anything to do rationally.

The issues discussed are the result of many experiences, discussions, and meditation on the causes and solutions to morality issues. Many concerns are shown to come from an ancient curse that has plagued mankind’s sexuality down through time.  An ageless secret curse that my book exposes for what it really is.

For the past thirty plus years. I’ve put a lot of thought into how to best present many topics mentioned due to the sensitivity of the issues to various beliefs. They’re concerns that need to be exposed and dealt with to heal society. My hope is the book, “Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude by Anthony A. Morris will bring that about as more and more people read, and discus the issues it addresses.

The first two chapters are posted free for anyone to read. It takes the reader back to the basics of common-sense reasoning. A way of reasoning people can easily adapt to their life to make better decisions on what is and isn’t valuable to a life worth living.  And, opens the door to enjoying my book if you feel it’s relevant to behaviors you would like to explore.

All in all, I’m sure you’ll be intrigued with this book as the reviewers from Readers Favorite® have been. Four of the five reviewers gave my book a 5-star rating. Their comments brought tears to my eyes.