Helping Others

Are your parents fighting, divorced, or separating?
Read it, then ask your spouse or your parents to read it so you can talk to them about it.

Are your teens in gangs, crime or living in areas exposed to it?
By being open an honest with your kids when their younger will prevent a lot of problems encountered by todays teens. This book has simple easy to understand good common-sense reasons youths can easily relate to as to how they should prefer to live their life.

Are you or your children depressed about life’s worth?
• This book is written for all ages can generate many good conversations on uplifting ways to live your lives.

Do you want to talk to your children about sex and morality but feel awkward?
• This book is designed to simplify introducing your children to the subject of sex by God’s ethics. Children should be taught about sex by their parents first, not the schools, and especially  before entering middle school because they should be aware of what is good moral conduct before being exposed to all the immoral traits promoted in today’s society.

Are you engaged or getting married?
• Communicating together about taboo subjects discussed before tying the knot may save you from many marital problems later.