Gang Experience

My Gang Experience

One sunny summer day when I was ten, another boy and I went bike riding to a part of Calgary I hadn’t been to before along side Nose Creek. We found a great place along the bank to build a shelter that we called our fort.  While we were making it, another boy showed up whom the boy I was with knew from years earlier.  They were so happy to see each other once again.

They talked for a while then another older boy whom I’d never seen before, showed up and whispered something to the boy I was out with.  Immediately he turned and slugged his long-lost friend in the stomach so heard that he doubled over in pain.

I was shocked and said in a disturbed voice, “What’d you do that for?” He said his gang leader told him to.  I was speechless with dismay. Why would anyone ever stoop to being mindlessly loyal anything like a gang. He seen the disgusted look on my face and said in an unconcerned voice, “Just following orders.”

Thinking about what I witnessed and relating it to what I’ve seen over the years since then, I would say anyone mindlessly reverent to anything like a degenerate gang is just supporting another form of a cult that does not care two hoots in hell about you. You’re just a loyal volunteer sucker to the gang leaders’ delights. This is why I wrote what I did about Dissolving Gang Devotion in my book, “Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude.” So, open your eyes, shake off the chains and becoming a free spirit living a life of fulfilled contentment.