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• Mary Sipos of Thunder Bay, Ontario - August 6 - 2018 at 2:23 pm.
What an enjoyable book. Lots of good common sense which is almost lost in our crazy world.

• Henry Larson of Prince George, British Columbia - October 21 2018 at 8.07 pm.
Well written, easy to understand. It simplifies difficult subjects with dramatic true short stories that make complete rational sense.

• Howard Gerrard of Inglewood, California. - December 28 2018 at 9:52 am.
An amazingly convincing book to desire practicing good ethics in everything we do.

Readers’ Comments & Reviews from Readers’ Favorite

Review #1 Review by Rabia Tanveer
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Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite
- Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude by Anthony A. Morris is an all-encompassing book that helps the reader understand some pretty basic things that should be common knowledge, but aren’t. Love is such a universal thing. You cannot rush it and once you find love, you will want to take the next step. The author starts the conversation from the very beginning and answers some common questions for readers as the narrative progresses. From understanding sex, sexuality, personal hygiene and moral values that we all should respect, the author makes sure that you understand these common-sense topics and have good knowledge of it all. He isn’t condescending; he isn’t trying to force any opinion. He is simply trying to share some very useful knowledge that must be shared with the young children in schools so that they understand the ethics behind love and how effortless it all can be.
- Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude by Anthony A. Morris is a good, very informative book, especially considering the fact that it can be shared with young children as well as teenagers. There is nothing explicit about this book; the author respectfully shares much-needed information with the reader while being sensitive about the diversity of readers. I enjoyed how the author actually went deeper than I anticipated and added information about creation, what science teaches us, and why we perceive sex as something dirty and never to be talked about. This is a very good book that should be shared with teenagers or even adults who are looking for answers to questions that they are too shy to ask.

Review #2: Review by Christian Sia
Review Rating: 5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review!
Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite
- Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude by Anthony A. Morris is a self-help book with biblical foundations that explores the mind of God regarding heterosexual relationships. In this book, the author challenges the libertine ideas on sex and contemporary attitudes that deflect humans from pursuing healthy and empowering sexual relationships. In the note to the reader, the author explains that this book is a counseling aid on spiritual ethics, sexuality, and health and that it provides advice on how to improve moral behavior. The way he goes about it is interesting. He looks at contemporary realities and attitudes of mind towards the expression of sexuality and defines the boundaries while providing insights and advice on how to live the sexual experience in the light of God’s creation.
- Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude by Anthony A. Morris moves from an unusual definition of sex to handle very complex and sensitive topics such as starting it right, making the best choices, the destructive power of lies and how trust is affected and destroyed, the importance of hygiene, the experience of pain in relationships and what it means to take advantage of others in relationships and a lot more. The most glaring topic is one that deals with the gap between the old generation and young people and why communication, especially on very sensitive issues, sometimes is difficult and, in some cases, impossible. This book approaches heterosexual relationships from a unique perspective and I enjoyed the author’s take on hygiene and taking care of one’s self. The writing is simple and easy-to-understand; the ideas expressed are bold and thought-provoking. After reading Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude, readers will change the way they look at sexuality and health; in fact, they will change the way they look at and handle others.

Review #3 Review by K.C. Finn
Review Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite
- Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude is a work of advice and guidance penned by author Anthony A. Morris. At this time I am unable to award it more than three stars for review and therefore present my critique of the work in order that it might help the author to progress with improvements to the book.
- To the positive points of the book’s development, it is clear that author Anthony A. Morris is passionate about his devotion to his faith and to the ideology of heterosexuality which the traditional church supports. This is a valid viewpoint from a religious standpoint and there are some areas of the work where very important and applicable points are made alongside it. The idea of physical hygiene was well explained and the notion of shared responsibility in sexual behaviour was also very insightful.
- However, the overall tone of the piece and the quality of the narrative work does not achieve its full purpose. Whilst the book is supposed to be for one and all to receive constructive advice, the narrative is often damning and inaccessible, becoming overly personal to the author’s viewpoint rather than addressing matters objectively. Whilst it is absolutely fine to believe in a creationary standpoint as opposed to an evolutionary one, the approach to the latter as a ‘fraudulent lie’ without really providing full evidence weakens the author’s overall argument. Overall, I feel that the points made in the work could be put across in a more constructive and positive way without having to attack any other group at the same time.

Review #4 Review by Ruffina Oserio
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Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite
- Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude by Anthony A. Morris is a book with a strong and relevant message for contemporary readers, one of the best things I have read on the ethics of sexuality. In this book, the author talks about sex — in the heterosexual sense of the word — and explores perceptions and practices that create rigidity and make intimacy challenging and, at times, hurtful. The author shares insights on the attitudes of mind, behaviors, and societal norms that hinder many people from experiencing deeper levels of intimacy and meaningful communication. Readers will understand the communication gap between older folk and the younger generations and the reasons why that gap exists while understanding how to bridge that gap.
- While Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude by Anthony A. Morris articulates brilliantly on the best way to live our sexuality, it carries a nuanced message that will help readers build a healthy sense of self-love and find meaning in their intercourse with others. The writing is bold and thoughtful and the author shares practical examples and advice that will help readers develop a healthy attitude towards sex. Anthony A. Morris makes powerful claims like: “The laws of nature can’t be changed to suit anyone’s personal desired preferences. Nature can’t be bribed. And nature is indifferent to the cost of ignorance.” While such statements are bold, it is the intelligence with which the author backs them that had me enthralled. The author invites readers into a conversation on topics that are close to their hearts, and he writes about them with respect and wisdom.

Review #5 Review by Asher Syed
Review Rating: 5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review!
Reviewed By Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite
- Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude by Anthony A. Morris is a Christian non-fiction self-help guide. Its purpose is to counsel on what sexuality means according to the Holy Bible, and how its application to life, as intended by God, is often misunderstood, misapplied, and thought of as taboo (leading to miscommunication—or, rather, no communication whatsoever). Defined within over the course of ten distinct sections and a total of fifty-two chapters, this book covers everything from sex being a reward of marriage and how to discuss this openly and honestly with your children, to where the concept of sex and sexual organs being “dirty” has come from, as well as how to circumvent such negative connotations in ourselves and our children. This topic moves into proper hygiene and cleanliness as a point of health (which is made personal as Morris describes a time in his life when he had no choice but to live in unsanitary conditions) and carries through to how the height of love is achieved through forgiveness, compassion, charity, and strength of moral character.
- Anthony A. Morris has written a book that does an excellent job in balancing comprehensive guidance in a succinct, easy to understand (and therefore apply) narrative. The chapters make referring back at any time easy, based on what you feel the need to reflect on, and as a whole Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude has the air of a good, honest, understanding, and gentle counselor guiding the reader as someone would in the safe environment of their home. I particularly enjoyed the chapter entitled The Age of Insanity, in which Morris discusses the turning point for him as a first-hand witness to the movements of the '60s and the societal descent into defiance and spiritual rebellion. I genuinely enjoyed this book and think others will also. Highly recommended.