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Good Sexual Hygiene and Spiritual Attitude Needed now more than ever.


I’m an Excon from over 45 years ago. Been married 42 years, never divorced, and have 3 children whom we are very proud of, because they’ve proved to be awesome caring citizens. 
After I retired, I put my heart into this book to bless you on good ethics.

Throughout the Holy Bible it talks extensively about this subject.

This book is uniquely different to any book ever written with this depth of discussion on this subject. It explores many aspects affected by Sexuality positive and negative. Our Living Creator designed all life forms with sexual law and instincts they can accept or reject as part of their physical being..

The, scientific, social and spiritually revealed common sense here will have you captivated.

Ignite your Knowledge to!

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• Find Your True Values
• End bad Myth effects on Sex
• Restore Marriage
• Fix Parents / Teen Bonds
• Ethical Sex Education
• Dissolve Gang Devotion
• End Addictions


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' a comprehensive, easy to read book, full of good common sense '